Welcome to AKAHOT, a brand new website that will revolutionise the way you sell online. An innovative online fashion destination, AKAHOT will give you the opportunity to reach your existing customers in the comfort of their own homes, while at the same time exposing your brand to a new audience around the world.

As well as providing customers with their favourite fashion brands at their fingertips, AKAHOT will also transform education for children across the globe. Every purchase made on the website will contribute to building new schools and funding learning initiatives, helping to build a better tomorrow, today.


For AKAHOT customers, buying from all their favourite fashion brands is seamless. With just one account and a single click to check out, the site offers a unified shopping experience, encouraging customers to browse multiple brands in one visit and making online shopping even easier than ever before.

Featuring the most popular fashion brands from across the globe, AKAHOT is set to become a ground-breaking online fashion destination, revolutionising shopping and transforming education simultaneously.


AKAHOT is more than an online fashion destination; it also offers us a way to improve the future. Proceeds from products sold on the website will go towards transforming education for children around the world; building schools, funding initiatives to bring new technologies into the classroom, and developing programs to make learning more interactive.

These new approaches to individualised learning will encourage students to discover their passions, and open the doorway to education for many children who would otherwise never have had the chance to learn.

AKAHOT will change the way people shop online, the way children learn, and the way the future is built. Become a part of building a better tomorrow, today.

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